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3 min readMay 3, 2022


Bancc, an all-purpose decentralised payment solution provider, was chosen by TG DAO for a review for potential IDO in the near future.

TG DAO review process

Since the beginning, TG DAO has dedicated its service to the community, constantly proving the DAO aspect of the launchpad. Therefore, before it takes on any new project, TG DAO team conducts thorough research and provides its community with Scoring results, showcasing scores on many different topics. It is essential to bring only the best projects to the TG DAO 3.0 Launchpad and its community. That is why one of the important steps the team takes before the voting is presenting the project in Review.

The fact that the project is in the “in Review” stage means that the team is currently conducting thorough research and before publishing its Scoring, TG DAO needs to present the basic idea of the project to the community.

About Bancc project

Bancc was founded on the belief that it is your human right to have control of your assets and use them however and wherever you’d like. Bancc as a company believes that decentralisation, honesty, transparency, and validation are the key to successfully providing and offering solutions that are not only beneficial to the creators but to the everyday users as well. The world is changing and institutions, countries, and even companies are researching and developing their own digital currency/assets.

Bancc believes that in order to accelerate the World’s transition to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, solutions should be significantly simplified, faster, cost-effective, and more beneficial than ever before from current solutions/providers.

Bancc’s Executive summary

Bancc’s vision is to change the way we interact and transfer money with each other on a daily basis. The industry is currently in the process of a big paradigm shift and there is always new competition in the traditional market and cryptocurrency market, whose ideas are currently demanding better, faster, and more secure solutions/services than ever before.

Bancc’s vision is to provide and establish connections between people, merchants, and companies that want to provide a faster, more secure, and decentralized solution for payment processing for their customers, friends, or loved ones. Solutions today bring a lot of attention to the fees or cost of being able to send, pay or even receive money from anyone and anywhere in the world.

These types of solutions only benefit the institutions, creator/provider of these services, payment processors with their processing fees, and money transfer operators with the costs of sending and receiving money. Bancc has designed and created the Bancc blockchain which purpose is to decrease the cost of doing business with these types of providers and even offer a solution to be able to get free transactions in the network.

Bancc has built a payment processing system built for the users. Imagine a world where you can use money as you want, how you want and whenever you want with low/free fees and instant transaction times. At the point of your fingertip, you are in charge of changing the world.

Hello, Bancc. Hello, Future.

Nils-Julius Byrkjeland


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