Public sale price of TGDAO token decreasing 10x

Public TGDAO token sale is approaching, and TG DAO 3.0 has made its move to make our token​​ affordable by anyone. The public sale price of TGDAO token is being decreased from $0.12 to $0.012.

The key principle followed by the TG DAO team is providing access to public token sales to retail investors. We are focused on meeting the needs of the global crypto community. When finalizing the tokenomics, the team behind TG DAO 3.0 has implemented the best practices to ensure the sustainable growth of our project and our community.

We have decreased the token price 10x, however, the project valuation remains the same. This is possible because the TGDAO token supply has increased from 100,000,000 to 1,000,000,000.

What is TGDAO token?

TGDAO is a native token of TG DAO 3.0 launchpad and an integral component of our ecosystem. Every holder of TGDAO tokens will be able to take part in the DAO governance of our project.

TGDAO token is also a constituent of the reputation formula of our community members. The reputation of each participant will determine the allocation amount they can have in the projects that are launched on TG DAO Launchpad. Bringing the reputation system instead of tiers, TG DAO 3.0 introduces an innovative solution for the launchpad and crypto-investment industry. Project participants will be able to seize allocation opportunities that often come up in lotteries, and avoid long queues to receive them. On our launchpads participants receive guaranteed allocations, if they have an appropriate reputation.

What happens to those who purchased TGDAO token on private sale?

The change does not affect those parties who have already invested in TGDAO tokens on the private rounds. Investors who had acquired tokens before the change in the TGDAO token economy occured, will receive 10 tokens for each token purchased.


Total token supply: 1,000,000,000 TGDAO

Market Cap at TGE: 162,000 USD

Sale at TGE: 21.50%




DAO ecosystem

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TG DAO 3.0

TG DAO 3.0

DAO ecosystem

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