Tank Metaverse: In Review

TG DAO 3.0
3 min readApr 28, 2022


Tank Metaverse, a multi-platform and cross-reality ecosystem for true immersion and qualitative interaction with the game world, was chosen by TG DAO for a review with potential Private Round in the near future.

Tank Metaverse is a distant space in a far galaxy that brings together various characters of all shades. Among them are degens, blockchain enthusiasts, and other diverse personalities with different interests, senses of purpose, and backgrounds. It is a cross-reality (online and offline) space based on autonomous mechanisms for user interaction, economics, and governance. The cornerstones of online reality are Tankpolis (the capital virtual city with various spaces and activities) and Tank Arena (play-to-earn battle game for NFT tank holders).

Arena games are PvP play-to-earn battles of NFT tank holders or cooperative PvE fights. Each player taking part in the battle pays a game fee, and the winners take the reward in tokens. Players also receive rewards for completing quests and unlocking achievements.

Various PvP battle modes are provided: 1v1 duels, team fights (5v5), and mass battles of dozens of fighters at the same time, where everyone fights for himself, and the most persistent take the big reward. PvE mode provides collective battles for training, gaining loot, and unlocking achievements.


$TNK is the main currency of the entire metaverse that is in circulation in its capital, Tankpolis. Token is used for purchasing and renting in-game land, paying platform fees. Players can buy land and build yield farming factories on it to earn TNK tokens creating farming pairs. Land and NFT trading can also serve as income for TNK tokens for the inhabitants of the metaverse.


This is an in-game currency that is used in Tank Arena to pay for rewards and a game fee, as well as to buy and improve all kinds of game units in the arena. This is the token with unlimited inflation. However, various deflation scenarios and burning mechanisms are provided to maintain in-game economics.

$TNK tokenomics

Token distribution

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