TG DAO 3.0 announces partnership with Unicorn Ventures

TG DAO 3.0
2 min readMay 17, 2022


TG DAO 3.0 Launchpad, a new crowdfunding blockchain launchpad, is proud to announce that it’s entering into a partnership with Unicorn Ventures, a community backed/private VC.

The joint presents booths projects with a wonderful opportunity to enrich their communities with high-quality investors with whom they will be able to share projects.

Volodymyr Samborskiy, the CEO of TG DAO, gave the following comment on the joint: “Unicorn Ventures is yet another great opportunity to help investors from all around the globe get to know different crypto projects, and the partnership between TG DAO und Unicorn Ventures will only help with that. In such difficult times for the market like the ones that we face today it is essential to have high-quality investors always ready to help you out. Very excited about our work together!”

Chintan Ganatra, Founder and CEO Unicorn Ventures, gave us the following comment: “Unicorn Ventures is a private VC with the passionate investors to support and empower the most promising projects. We also believe in a strong network, community, and partners like TG DAO as they play an integral role in our growth.”

About Unicorn Ventures

Unicorn Ventures is a community backed/private VC with the passionate investors to support and empower the most promising projects. We have an exclusive focus on decentralized finance, metaverse development, blockchain gaming and the intricate infrastructure of all of these combined!. We exist to help the potential projects in raising capital, helping to connect them with KOL for marketing and growing their supporters. We also enable the user base and believers of blockchain to invest in their favorite projects at early stage.

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About TG DAO

TG DAO 3.0 is a new crowdfunding blockchain launchpad on the TG Ecosystem that combines decentralised and centralised investing, and provides comprehensive support for startups.

Launchpad DAO 3.0 is the next step in the evolution of decentralised autonomous organisations. Participants own

the project, manage it, and profit off of it.

TG DAO’s team goes beyond the standard launchpad services of IDOs, offering 4 main services, for different stages of project readiness: Verification, Incubation (tokenomics), Private Round and IDO.

Before taking on any new project, the team provides the community with a detailed scoring research and then proceeds with the voting stage. This is the true part of any DAO project and TG DAO constantly proves to put its core values upfront.

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