TG DAO 3.0 Launchpad analysis of Taroverse


We are pleased to introduce you to Taroverse — a metaverse of high quality games where you can play and socialize with players from around the globe.

The game development team of Taroverse comes with years of experience building top notch games with high definition graphics and addictive gameplay. With Taroverse,the project intends to bring more value to our players where you can enjoy world class games while having a good social experience with your friends from around the world. Blockchain technology facilitates us to build such a platform where the main component of any gaming ecosystem i.e. player has more value.

At Taroverse, the project aims to create a long lasting and sustainable ecosystem of multiple games where players can enjoy these games as well as the interactive features and earn passive rewards simultaneously. The current ecosystem of Taroverse will include:

  • DeFi with NFT’s: Players will be able to collect different NFTs to build their deck and stake them to earn passive income while at the same time utilizing their NFT deck ingame.
  • True Ownership: Players get true ownership of their in-game assets. Utilizing the power of NFTs, assets you earn in games are owned by the player and lives forever on the blockchain.
  • Multi-Game Metaverse: Players can fully immerse themselves in the high-quality immersive ecosystem of games. The metaverse lets people socialize, team up, and compete with each other, bringing together a unique social experience.
  • Multi-Game Ecosystem: Taroverse will multi-game economy where players will be able to use their Taro NFTs and TARO tokens across multiple plays to earn games bringing a lot more utility and functionality than any single game can offer.


Every aspect of Taroverse ecosystem has been gamified making it more fun and rewarding for both collectors and players. Taro NFT’s are not just your average NFT’s , every NFT has a predefined mining power based on the level and rarity of your NFT. Mining power is similar to Bitcoin’s hash rate but here instead of using expensive hardware and electricity you will be able to use your TARO NFT’s for mining instead. And the gamification of NFT’s just dont stop here, players can use common, uncommon and rare NFT’s to upgrade levels of epic and legendary NFT’s to increase their mining power, thus increasing their TARO rewards from the daily mining pool.

The NFT’s also work as your access pass to the metaverse and every NFT gives you access to same hero character as avatar in the metaverse with its own unique animations. And not only that every NFT is usable across all 3 play to earn games being built in the Taroverse ecosystem thus making the TARO NFT’s the most valuable resources in the Taroverse ecosystem.


Blockchain gaming industry is still in its infancy . It is estimated that the current size of the decentralized gaming space is around 2.5M players. However, in many places such as South America and Africa, the trend has yet to gain traction. With many players yet to discover blockchain gaming, the player base is set to grow exponentially in the next few years and could easily reach a few 100M players sooner than later.

Protocol revenue through marketplace fees and NFT sales

Taroverse collects a small transaction fee for each interaction on its marketplace.

Let’s take a closer look at the titles :


Every player will have a unique referral id which they can use to invite new players into the Taroverse and earn 0.5% commission on all transactions. This program will provide incentives for content creators to put out their best content for Taroverse and guide new players how to join the platform using their referral id.


The main investors and partners of the project include:


Taroverse is being developed by Block Vision Studio LLC. The team consists of 15 full-time employees and has its headquarters in SVG. The founding team consists of the following individuals:

Siddhant Srivastava — CEO

Sid is a veteran in the cryptocurrency space with over 6 yrs of experience. He has been deeply involved with top gaming projects like Mobox in the past and invested in 50+ crypto gaming projects in private rounds. Due to his standing experience he has became an influential figure with over 30,000 followers across his socials

Vivek Burada — CTO

CTO & Co-Founder at PayNav for 2 years, building NeoBanking solutions for GenZ and Millennials. Prior to this he worked at Infosys as Specialist Programmer Global Delivery, Also has hands on in Market Research and AdTech space at InMobi Group ( Glance and Pulse) as Ad operations guy

Robby Jeo — CMO

Robby is the CEO of Kommunitas, a decentralized and tier-less launchpad platform built on Polygon chain and advisor for successful projects like Affyn. He is highly analytical and an effective communicator with a serious amount of marketing acumen.

Mukund — Lead Design

Mukund has worked for some of the top crypto projects like Wink and Mobox. He has also worked with some of the best designers in the industry involved in NFT and Crypto projects.

Jun Chen — Game Lead Engineer

Jun has previously lead multiple teams of Software Engineers both local (Bay Arena) and remote (India and Romania) at Penn National Gaming (Acquisition from Rocket Games in 2016). He has spent 5 years working at Adobe Systems in the Flash Player and Flash Authoring Systems from 2007 before smart phones and HTML5 became mainstream. John graduated from California Polytechnic State University — San Luis Obispo, but with a Computer Engineer BA degree. His expertise is in the entertainment industry, specially, mobile(iOS and Android) and VR (Desktop Steam) games.


$TARO token : $TARO token represents the common currency of the gaming economy which includes all aspects of Defi , NFT-Fi , Metaverse and 3 Play-to-earn games. The $TARO token is issued based on the Binance Smart Chain, which is entirely decentralized.


  • Token Name: Taroverse Token
  • Ticker: $TARO
  • Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 $TARO
  • Initial Market Cap: 758,000 USD


Taroverse will have a single token economy to bring max utility and value to TARO token. Players will be able to use TARO token in all aspects of the platform including nft minting , nft trading , metaverse events , ingame purchases etc.

Taroverse scoring review

*If you’re not aware of how we choose a project, this data will give you some insight, and what factors we should check for when evaluating a crypto project. In the process of analyzing the Taroverse project, the TG DAO team, based on an internal scoring system, came up with the following points for each category:

Team: The project team has extensive experience in the development of crypto projects, which includes their further prosperity and growth and new user adoption.The project is on a stable path of its roadmap and we expect the project to carry out marketing campaigns in the future

Score : 9.7/10

Backers: Taroverse has many strategic partners, which is the strategic goal of long-term product development. Attracting advisers is also an advantage of this project and helps in the development of the brand.

Score: 8/10

Community: A well-developed community is one of the key indicators of any project. This indicates the interest in this project on the part of the players as well as retail investors. Taroverse has a great number of interested followers and investors across multiple platforms and social media.

Score : 9/10

PR : The team is working on attracting more audiences through AMA sessions and social media coverage . However we think that a good PR company is needed to make the Taroverse project even more recognizable compared to other projects.

Score : 4/10

Product market match: The business model of projects with p2e features has proven to be a very successful business model. Where each user can find an opportunity not only to enjoy their favorite games, but also the opportunity to earn money on it. The main goal of such projects should be to keep the players with exciting games and NFT features. Another advantage is referral systems that will allow the most active users to earn income from playing with friends.

Score : 10/10

Tokenomics/IDO/Listing: Taroverse will have a single token economy to bring max utility and value to TARO token. Players will be able to use TARO token in all aspects of the platform including nft minting , nft trading , metaverse events , ingame purchases etc .

For private sale on 7.5% TGE / 2 months cliff with rest linearly unlock over 8 months.

For public sale on 15% TGE / 2 months cliff with rest linearly unlock over 4 months.

**All info about tokenomics in detail on the project website.

Tokenomics is critical to a project’s viability. We must be careful and look at all the data provided by the project team. And any sign of red flags should trigger our gut feeling of discomfort.

Score : 9.5/10

Development stage: The team has a well-rounded roadmap and good plan horizon for the project. So far they are moving according to the plan and their guidelines.

Score : 9/10




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