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Reimagine Work-From-Home

Who would not like to be his/her own boss at least once in their life? Most freelancers want to work wherever they want and get paid for it. With space-based payment systems, self-employed people can enjoy more freedom and flexibility in their work.

It’s not just freelancers who prefer crypto over fiat money. Lovers of Blockchain are also looking for ways to upgrade their crypto holdings. Some do prefer to convert their savings into digital assets, while others prefer crypto-paying jobs. This is where blockchain-powered job search platforms come in as one of the real use-case.

Introduction to the platform:

With the emergence of new blockchains and blockchain based projects, there is a growing need for staff in specific fields such as systems, digital marketing, designing and public administration. For example, when a new blockchain or a project is developing it will go through a development phase. At this stage, areas like marketing, community management are critical to the success of the project.Through the WhitePigeon Network marketplace, project founders can hire freelancers and can also see their portfolios in advance to take a calculative decision.

WhitePigeon Network can greatly improve working conditions and have the potential to increase the amount of money a freelancer can earn. This will be done by introducing low commission cost , creating new jobs and creating sources of revenue that are not available in traditional jobs. For every crypto enthusiast, receiving their well-deserved pay in crypto is a big plus.

What WhitePigeon Network has to offer?

Crypto is an inexpensive way to send money anywhere in the world. The legacy financial system charges high rates and sets poor exchange rates that make low payment inefficient. Many private individuals do not have access to a bank account, or they are charged a huge exchange rate fee, crypto payments will allow anyone to access the gig economy. Payments can be seen on the blockchain as soon as they are made, and are usually fully verified within a few seconds, thanks WhitePigeon Network for choosing Polygon as their foundation for building the marketplace to provide such services.


How WhitePigeon Network works

WhitePigeon Network is an online platform that aims to build healthy relations between the consumers and the merchants with the help of blockchain technology. More importantly, WhitePigeon helps merchants to attract customers in order for them to grow and gain success through their platform. With the help of Whitepigeon network, consumers can purchase digital gift cards of their favorite merchants and use them to buy their desired product from the merchant online/offline stores.

Payment solution with Whitepigeon Network

WhitePigeon Network is a peer-to-peer payment mechanism. WhitePigeon allows customers to pay directly with WP tokens and lets merchants convert those tokens into their preferred cryptocurrencies.

Future ahead

The WhitePigeon has released its test MVP which allows its holders to use WP cryptocurrency on polygon network. In 2022, the startup will launch WhitePigeon android and iOS apps and WP smart health bands. By 2023, the startup will build its own WP blockchain.

What are customers looking for?

A modern payment solution takes into account three areas of customer expectation to deliver the best experience possible. In a nutshell, these areas are:

1) Ease of use. Today’s customers are busier than ever, and they don’t have time for a prolonged payment process. They want to review their bill and complete the payment process in a few simple steps.

2) Choice of payment options. Customers come from a variety of demographics. Some will be quick to adopt the latest and greatest in digital payment options, while others still feel most comfortable interacting with a Customer Service Representative. A payment solution needs to support all these diverse needs through a central solution.

3) Security. Customers rightfully expect that a project will do everything in its power to protect their sensitive financial information, and the news cycle keeps them very aware of high-profile cyber-attacks and data breaches. By investing in a secure payment solution, we safeguard their reputation and data.

The good news, though, is that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. In fact, by working with a utility-focused billing and payment approach, we can enhance existing industry expertise to increase our revenue and improve customer relationships without increasing the burden on our internal teams.

WhitePigeon is committed to excel in the Peer-to-Peer payment industry while keeping its consumers and merchants happy with an innovative approach.


WhitePigeon Network has investment partnerships, strategic investors and launchpad partnerships to expand its name among new retail investors


Meet the WhitePigeon Team:


Project tokenomics:

Distribution of funds for the next 4 years:

Token vesting periods:

Today, the team is working according to the planned project development timeline, outlined after careful analysis of the results, and will continue to work in accordance.

WhitePigeon scoring review

*If you’re not aware of how we choose a project, this data will give you some insight, and what factors we should check for when evaluating a crypto project. In the process of analyzing the WhitePigeon project, the TG DAO team, based on an internal scoring system, came up with the following points for each category:

Team: The project team has extensive experience in the development of crypto projects, which includes their further prosperity and growth and new user adoption.The project is on a stable path of its roadmap and we expect the project to carry out marketing campaigns in the future

Score : 8/10

Backers: WhitePigeon has a good amount of partnerships, which is the strategic goal of long-term product development. Attracting advisers is also an advantage of this project and helps in the development of the brand.

Score: 6.5/10

Community: A well-developed community is one of the key indicators of any project. This indicates the interest in this project on the part of the players as well as retail investors. WhitePigeon has a good number of interested followers and investors across multiple platforms and social media.

Score : 8/10

PR : The team is working on attracting more audiences through AMA sessions and social media coverage . However we think that a good PR company is needed to make even more recognizable compared to other projects.

Score : 5/10

Product market match: Whitepigeon’s vision is based on direct competition and improvement of such merchants as, Wirex, Revolut, Monolith . however, it should be understood that the height of ambition is also a huge challenge for any team competing in a rapidly changing environment, so more strategic partnerships and development speed should be closely monitored to evaluate the result of the project.

Score : 6/10


Token prices for each round

Private Round: $0.018 & Public Round: $0.05

Vesting rules for each round:

Private Round: 10% on TGE, monthly 10% unlock for 9 months

Public Round: 30% on TGE, 30% unlock after 1 month, 40% unlock after another month

**All info about tokenomics in detail on the project website.

Tokenomics is critical to a project’s viability. We must be careful and look at all the data provided by the project team. And any sign of red flags should trigger our gut feeling of discomfort.

Score : 8/10

Development stage: The team has a well-rounded roadmap and good plan horizon for the project. So far they are moving according to the plan and their guidelines.

Score : 7/10


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