What is Verification Round?

TG DAO 3.0
2 min readApr 27, 2022


Since the beginning, TG DAO has dedicated its service to the community, constantly proving the DAO aspect of the launchpad. Therefore, before it takes on any new project, TG DAO team conducts thorough research and provides its community with Scoring results, showcasing scores on many different topics. It is essential to bring only the best projects to the TG DAO 3.0 Launchpad and its community.

TG DAO’s team goes beyond the standard launchpad services of IDOs, offering 4 main services, for different stages of project readiness:

  1. Verification,
  2. Incubation (tokenomics),
  3. Private Round and
  4. IDO.

Verification Round was developed with the goal to understand the perspective of a Startup, assess its potential and market fit. The verification stage allows the Startup to avoid mistakes and prevent budget drains in the future, as well as increase the investment attractiveness of the project by weeding out obviously failed ideas and refining the weak ones.

With this verification round, our community gets the opportunity to invest in the project for the price of a seed round, meaning that you can buy the project tokens for the lowest price possible. In case of a successful Verification Round, TG DAO will proceed to conduct project’s IDO.

By the results of the verification round, the community will get detailed analytics and the business consultants’ final verdict on the project.

So how does it work?

Only those who hold 30,000 $TGDAO tokens are able to participate in the Verification Round and purchase tokens for the lowest price. The raised sum from the Verification Round will be used as a payment for the Startup’s verification.

Right now we are running a verification round for the LoopStarter, so on the 2nd of May, you will have the opportunity to invest in the project.

This is a huge opportunity and a time-critical event for ambitious investors.

The conditions for the round are quite simple as well:
Hardcap: 3000 BUSD
Price: $0.026 BUSD
Vesting: 5% at 3rd week, 2-month cliff, then linear till the 12 month

If you want to learn even more about the Verification Round, you can watch our AMA session with the leading expert Nikita Polyak.

If you have any problem trying to remember all the round dates, have no worries because TG DAO’s team got your back! @tgdao_alert_bot was developed by TG DAO, especially for such situations, and the algorithm of its work is easy:

  • 1st time — 3 days before IDO;
  • 2nd time — 1 day before IDO;
  • 3rd time — 3 hours before IDO;
  • 4th time — when IDO starts.

Just start the @tgdao_alert_bot on your Telegram account and enjoy an effortless experience of the crypto world with TG DAO!